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Aleah Holakoui

Goals, hopes, dreams and aspirations


Aleah HolakouiHi! My name is Aleah and ALC Weddings is my child. It is my curiosity, it is my passion, it is my sanity and it is my insanity. I’m going to use this space to give you insight into who I am and how I operate.

Weddings are stressful! And as I’m sure you now know, BRIDE BRAIN IS REAL! I’m here to bring your wedding to life; provide you with ideas, tips, tricks and advice to create an event that will remain a highlight for you and your loved ones for years to come.


I’m not a Pinterest florist. What I mean by that is, I’m a real human. I see things from all angles and I design for people who view life the same way. Anyone can put together a photo shoot and have something look good from one angle to get one good photo to put up on the internet. My goal is to create a cohesive event with beauty, interest and meaning to those in attendance. I want to leave a lasting impression because your photo will be on someone’s mantle for the rest of your life and the feelings you have that day are visible in your expression so perfectly captured by your photographer. Photos can display what is written between the lines and a real smile is notably different than a forced one.

We all have big dreams; myself included. Lofty ideas are nice, but if your roots aren’t developed enough to support the weight of growth, you will fall. My roots are in the flower business. My mom has had a retail flower shop since 1984. Before she opened her own shop, she worked for Towle Silver as a designer as well as worked with A-List event designers on everything from hotel grand openings to awards shows. Needless to say, I had a great teacher. On top of learning through osmosis from her, I got my certificate in meeting and event planning from California State University Dominguez Hills with an emphasis in weddings. I have worked in every aspect of special events from rentals to linens to set up to coordination and everything in between.


Aleah Holakoui helping a Bride and her Dad

I get neurotic so you don’t have to. I plan so that there is no reason to stress the day of your wedding. Every detail is thought out so nothing is left to chance. I double and triple check everything to make sure it up to par and then some. Believe me when I tell you, I have thought of every issue. From wedding crashers getting nude (October 2010) to a hotel closed for construction (December 2014), I have seen my fair share of WTF moments.

My events take me everywhere from San Diego to Santa Barbara to Las Vegas to Phoenix. My team has security clearance to work on military bases and finesse to work in the best hotels worldwide. Regardless of the accolades any event company presents to you, one thing is more important than anything: VIBE. You have to vibe with your vendors. That unspoken feeling of, “She gets me. She gets us. She gets IT.” If you don’t get that feeling, you won’t have what you want on one of the biggest days of your life. Every person, every couple, every relationship, every situation is different. What works for some might not work for others. That’s why one vendor may work for your bestie, but not work for you. That’s why one review doesn’t give the complete story. That’s why you have to talk to a lot of people. But at the end of the day, go with your gut. Go with the person who gets you. Go with the person you like.


With MonteMy final tidbit in this section is this: most of my clients become friends. We become close during the time we share together and bonds are formed. I genuinely give a shit about how things turn out for you. We laugh, we cry, we eat and drink and carry on. Nothing brings me greater joy than to hear updates from my couples on the great adventure that is marriage. Sometimes I get the “WE’RE HAVING A BABY!!!” call followed by, “Can I have XYZ call you to help with the baby shower?” Sure! I can do that too. But mostly, I love getting the calls saying, “Hey Aleah, I miss you. Can we just chat for a bit? Maybe grab a cocktail?” You make time for people you love and nourishment comes in many forms. Feed the need: love and be loved in return.

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