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Finding good help is hard!! And, it takes a village to flawlessly execute an event. I could never do everything by myself, and why would I want to when I have such an amazing team? Here is a peek at who participates in the madness.

Joseph Escobar

Joseph Escobar

Joseph originally started as a client of mine on the wholesale side of the business. Since he decorates homes and has such timeless style, it was a natural friendship made in heaven {a warehouse}.

Joseph is an amazing freelance designer who wears many hats. He designs custom invitations, menu cards, place cards and every other type of printed materials we use. He also is a skilled floral designer, has a keen eye for fierce design and wrangles me in when my ideas are just a little too left field.

Only once has he threatened to stab me over a vase and only once have I threatened to leave him downtown at the flower market. They cancel each other out in our books, so we’re good. When he isn’t in the studio with an iced Americano with one raw sugar melted in one hand and a floral knife in the other, you can find him at a trendy bar in either downtown Los Angeles or West Hollywood wearing his Louboutin loafers. You’ll know it’s him by his perfect eyebrows. Once you see them, you’ll understand.

Fun fact about Joseph: his favorite design tool is a lazy susan.

It’s really a funny story about how Michelle came into my life, how she changed it and how she has become an irreplaceable part of all of this…

I was referred to Michelle from a friend and she came in for a consultation with her sister, who was also getting married. They had a dual consultation and during a chat with Michelle, we had a total “Step Brothers” moment: “Did we just become best friends?! YES! Do you want to go do karate in the garage?! YES!!” And the rest is history. She is my best friend; always there with a shoulder, an ear, a fist or a shot glass.

Michelle is my straight shooting bulldog with a sharp tongue. She is no nonsense and will call it exactly how she sees it. She likes her men burly and bearded {have you seen her man?!?!}, her music loud and her whiskey sours in a smoky bar. She is my pin up with a fierce red lip and perfect eyebrows everyday.

Keep your eyes peeled for her, she’s never far from the action and always has a timeline in her hand.

Michelle Rajotte

Michelle Rajotte
On-Site Project Manager

Summer Darden
Production Assistant

Summer is the newest addition to the team. She is a corporate mom who needed a creative outlet other than her daughter’s school projects and kid’s parties. Here is a fun fact about Summer: I have created a hashtag for her and her projects for Reagan, her daughter, because there is no bitching in cutting out Batman symbols. No matter how many of them you have to cut out. If you’d like to check out the photos associated with Summer, go to: #MOMUPSUMMER.

What I really love about Summer is that she never tells me “NO.” Not even when I tell her that she has 175 napkins to fold in the next hour. She is learning more every event and I know she will be a lasting member of our quirky tribe here at ALC.

When she isn’t on site at an event or at Lollicup Corporate creating new and delicious concoctions, you can find her at Target, doing exactly what the rest of us do; getting sucked in and spending lots of money.